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thanks to everyone for their support. i decided i am not going to delete my blog because there is a lot of stuff on here that people are still reblogging, but i am having someone change my password and email so i can’t login

also i highly recommend following my best friends hellionkitty and gothambeat and robowings

and if there is one thing anyone should remember me by it’s that I CREATED SCOTT BUMMERS



To celebrate battle of the atom making Amazons best books of the year so far list and the Trial of Jean Grey making the New York Times bestseller list…

 here is Sara Pichelli’s x-men long-awaited debut from all new x-men 30

 this issue is stunning

 I probably should’ve waited till Friday to post this because I have a feeling this is going to blow some people’s x-shipping minds but I couldn’t wait!!

Oh congratulations! You completely ignored years of Laura’s characterization and wrote her out of character so she could hook up with Angel! Yay! My mind is completely blown! Thanks, Bendis, now I can gladly join all the other bitter people who dropped your comics because you fucked up their favorite characters. Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone can retcon her into a doombot.


she’s always fun to draw =u=


From Heroes Con 2014, by the brilliant Phil Noto.

You hardly ever see X-23 laugh, but I reckon Jubilee would be able to pull it off… eventually.

I’m so mad I am shaking. Bye internet.

I think it is. It totally came out of nowhere didn’t it? I mean like seriously…wow.

I’m going to kill somebody. I’m going to kill Bendis. I gotta get off the internet.

Please please PLEASE tell me that preview panel of All New X-Men #30 isn’t what I think it is I am going to throw up. I am going to scream. I can’t be on the internet. 

I get a ot of asks about the X-23 masterpost still and when I have time I may reupload it, but if you want it I’ll link it to you in a private message because I am tired of other X-23 blogs linking to it and not giving me credit for it. 


X-23: Wolverine and the X-Men

I gotta say, she looks pretty cute in the cartoon. :>